Chang-Bo Fu


Name: Changbo Fu

Title(s): Distinguished Researcher


Phone: (0086) 159-0091-6998

Address: T. D. Lee Library 424


Area of Physics: Experimental Physics

Laser Pumped Polarized noble gases for fundamental physics and other applied physics; Radioactive Ion Beam Physics; Nuclear Astrophysics


Research Interests:

1.         PandaX project: Searching heavy dark matter particles with liquid Xe detector.

2.         Searching for Axion-like low mass dark matter by using polarized noble gas.

3.         Developing high efficient pumping and storage methods for Laser Pumped Polarized Noble Gases.

4.         Polarized noble gas for Medial Lung Imaging.

5.         Radioactive Ion beam physics, and Nuclear Astrophysics

Biographical Sketch:

Dr. Changbo Fu received his Ph.D. degree in Physics in 2007 from Texas A&M University, USA. He continued his postdoctoral research at National Institute of Standards and Technology, MD, USA, and later at Indiana University, IN, USA. He joined in SJTU in 2012.

Selected Publications:

1. A wide angle neutron spin filter system using polarized 3He Fu, CB. et al., PHYSICA B406 2419(2011)

2. Limits on possible new nucleon monopole-dipole interactions from the spin relaxation rate of polarized 3He gas, Fu C. et al. Phys. Rev. D83  031504(2011)

3. First observation of alpha-cluster states in the (14)O+(4)He interaction C. Fu et al., Phys. Rev. C 064314(2008)

4. Single and double proton emissions from the O-14+He-4 interaction Fu, CB et al., Phys Rev. C76 021603(2007)

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