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Postal Address: 

800 Dongchuan Road

Insitute of Nuclear and Particle Physics

School of Physics and Astronomy

Shanghai Jiao Tong University

Shanghai, China, 200240

Telephone:  +86-21-5474-8061

FAX: +86-21-5474-1040

Physical Address: Science Building #5, Level 6

Laboratory Location: Science Building #6, Level 1; Red House

INPAC Lecture Hall: Science Building #5, Room 603

Physics Lecture Hall: Science Building #5, Room 203


INPAC Location: Nearby roads and subway stations


INPAC Map: Including Shanghai public transportation hubs and several landmarks;
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How to get to the university campuses (we are at Minhang campus)?
a) Overview map:

b) Taking a taxi is recommended. Taxi in China is generally not expensive, it takes ~200 CNY (or RMB) from PVG Pudong airport and ~100 CNY from SHA Hongqiao airport to the campus with normal traffic and route, just pay whatever the meter says plus the highway toll (10-30 CNY) if any, tipping is NOT required. The ride to/from both airports usually takes one hour max. You can show the taxi driver this Chinese note (from PVG) or this one (from SHA) which gives intructions for the quickest and most direct route to the Academic Activity Center at Minhang campus. Please always keep the receipt.
c) For those who are more adventurous, try the city metro, it is least expensive (6-9 RMB),it may take significantly longer time for long distance travel (~2.5 hours from PVG airport to Minhang campus) but it is a rather convenient way to go to downtown and several sightseeing sites around the city.
d) Other options including driving directions.
e) As always, if you need help managing your way, please don't hesitate to contact us (better in advance), we will try our best to help. If you need a mobile number in China, buy a SIM card at the airport (arrival hall, near luggage area) with a small cost (50-100 RMB).


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